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    Repair or replace.

    Let’s be honest, a garage door is one of those things that you have it installed and from that point onwards you expect it to work. Most garage doors will continue to swing open and closed quite happily for many years, rarely causing problems, from time to time however and particularly as time passes by they may develop problems; Issues such as opening or closing partially, failing completely or just not functioning as efficiently as they used to.

    There are basic things you can do seasonally to maintain and prolong the life of your garage door and of course there are times when you’ll need the advice of a specialist. Some of the more common problems can be found below, along with some general advice; it might just save you some money.

    Checking for obstructions.

    Definitely one of the first investigations you should perform on a garage door that isn’t opening or closing as it should, and a potential issue for both electrical and manual garage doors. Any and all objects can cause obstructions, from something as simple as pebbles off your driveway, to something inside your garage falling against the mechanism. Even debris bought in with the wind can cause problems, in the event of any access issues with your garage doors, this type of thing should be eliminated before anything else.

    Rollers and Tracks.

    This is where things sometimes get a little more complicated, and this kind of problem with your garage door system might need more specialised attention. It can often be difficult to notice issues with tracks and rollers as the fall in efficiency can be gradual. However, if you start to notice any kind of stiffness, resistance or grinding when opening and closing your door, then it’s worth checking your tracks and rollers, check them thoroughly for buildup of dirt, debris or grime, particularly on heavily greased parts as they attract this kind of debris like a magnet. The tracks themselves can carefully be wiped with a clean rag, while checking for obvious bends and twists, rollers too should be kept clean and only greased very slightly, from time to time rollers and tracks may need replacing, which is far cheaper than buying a new garage door.

    Springs and things.

    If your garage door suddenly starts to feel heavier and is taking more to lift, then the springs should be one of the first things you may want to take a look at. The springs in garage doors are classified into two different types: The types that run along the top length of the doorframe are Torsion Springs. The types that are fitted along each side of the frame are Extension Springs. Over time both types can develop problems.

    Metal springs naturally lose their tension over long periods of time and use, particularly on garage doors with heavy usage and often may fail completely. While it is easy to identify a failed spring, one that is fatigued can be harder to diagnose and it may well be better and quicker to call a specialist.

    Similarly replacing springs that are under a lot of tension carries with it some risk, both of injury and of sourcing the correct springs to keep your garage door safely balanced.

    It is always recommended in the case of extension springs to replace both at the same time to ensure your garage door is balanced safely and correctly, if you are in any doubt, it is best to contact a specialist, who will be able to source the correct springs, replace them quickly and safely or even add tension to existing springs, a service which is a lot cheaper than replacing your entire garage door.

    Keeping things warm and dry.

    Many modern garage doors have seals attached, to keep the weather out, and the contents of your garage safe and dry, again these seals can wear over time; however most of them can be quite routinely replaced, which should  keep your garage door looking good and doing its job as well as possible. Damage to your garage door can look unsightly, can make your door difficult, even impossible to operate and can pose a serious security risk to your property. Depending on the extent of the damage, panels may be sourced and replaced, or if the damage is significant a new garage door may be the best option.

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