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    Garage doors are relied upon to safeguard our vehicles as well as protect any belonging which may be stored inside. Garage doors also provide an additional barrier which prevents unauthorised access to the house, particularly if inside the garage, there is an entry door. The level of protection that garages provide mean that when they become faulty, it is imperative that you seek a garage door repair or get it replaced. This blog will help you to identify which garage door you own and how best to rectify problems that might arise.

    Up-and-Over-Decograin3What type of garage door do you own?
    It is firstly important to establish which garage door type that you possess. Up and over garage doors are the most common type so it is highly likely that you own one of these. There are two styles of up and over garage doors available. The ‘canopy’ up and over garage door overhangs from the door frame by approximately 2 feet. The ‘retractable’ version does not protrude to create a canopy which is how you can identify the difference between the two styles. Another popular choice are the roller garage doors in Newcastle. This garage door is very economical because it simply rolls up neatly without occupying valuable wall or roof space. Sectional garage doors have an intricate design with horizontal hinged sections that neatly slide into the interior of your garage roof. Another clever design are the automatic garage doors that can smoothly open and close at the touch of a button. An automatic garage door uses advanced technology because it is fitted with an automatic three-minute courtesy light sensor and an obstruction sensor. You may however own a side-hinged garage door which can be opened like a traditional door. Perhaps you own a custom-made wooden door which incorporates one of the above mechanisms to function. If any of these descriptions resonate with your garage door, you will be able to identify which door type that you own and discover if it is repairable.

    up-over-garage-door-recent3Is it repairable?
    Up and over doors do occasionally break from time to time. The most common fault is a broken cable which prevents the garage door from functioning as it should. Cones and cables can be purchased and replaced on an up and over garage door providing that you identify the exactly model type and buy the correct components. Another possible fault for both retractable and canopy up and over garage doors are malfunctioning springs. These can also be purchased online or in dedicated shops. There are many tutorials online that will teach you how to replace these parts. However you might want to commission a professional to complete this job for peace of mind. Roller garage doors do not often go wrong, but when they do, it is likely that the slats are made from inferior materials and have started to misalign. If the problem is too comprehensive, then the whole door might have to be replaced. However, you can buy individual slats and replace them accordingly. The same incident may occur if you have a sectional garage door whereby the horizontal hinged sections become damaged. These sections can be replaced and the functionality of your garage door will be restored. Wooden garage doors can be prone to rot if they are not treated thoroughly because they are exposed to the wet. Sections of the wooden door can be replaced and painted over discreetly. However, if the rot is extensive, the garage door might have to be completely replaced. Side-hinged doors are safeguarded from most garage door problems however, if they are made from wood, they might succumb to rot too. Automatic garage doors can go wrong because they rely on technology. If your automatic garage door fails to open or close, it might simply be that the key fob battery needs replacing. Other common mistakes are not plugging the opener’s cord into a working outlet, or inadvertently activating the lock feature. You could also check that the beam sensor is plugged in, clean the sensor located in front of the on/off button or reprogram the remote. All these aspects can be found in the user manual if you are unsure. If you have tried all these methods and your automatic garage door still does not open, you may need to contact a professional.

    Would a different garage door be a wise investment?
    If you can not repair your garage door, a professional might be able to at a reasonable cost. However, sometimes it is cheaper and more effective to replace your garage door with another. The damage that is caused might be because your door is not the most suitable option for yourself and your family. For example, you might have caused damaged to an up and over garage door because of an obstruction inside the garage. In this instance, a roller garage door would be a better because it is more compact and does not occupy valuable wall and ceiling space. If you are finding heavy wooden doors a strain to lift, it might be wise to invest in an automatic garage door which will be easier to use.

    There are many reputable companies which will conduct garage repairs in Newcastle. If you need to replace your garage door, carefully consider which one would most suit yourself and your family at present and in the future.

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