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    Roller Garage Doors Newcastle

    Garage Doors Newcastle have been providing the best in installation and Garage Doors Repairs for over 25 years. Well-established and family run, they are the largest garage door retailer in Newcastle with a large selection of garage doors at unbeatable prices.

    With Garage Doors Newcastle you can choose from a range of quality products and gain professional advice from a team of expert advisors and installers who will work to your requirements and budgetary needs to achieve what works best for you.

    There a wide range of garage doors available out there, as well as a lot of retailers and varying information on types, designs and installation options. As a result it might be a little difficult to determine what type of garage door is the best for you and your property. Here at Garage Doors Newcastle there is a great selection of garage door types and installation options from roller garage doors to up and overs, not to mention sectional, side hinged, automated/electronic and wooden garage doors. As well as providing installation Garage Doors Newcastle also offers garage door repairs and upgrades. We can help you to understand the different options available to you and select the best choice for your garage.

    Roller Garage Doors Newcastle

    One of the ever more popular garage door choices is the Roller Garage Door, and you too can secure your garage at the touch of a button with a roller garage door from Garage Doors Newcastle.

    More and more people are choosing to replace their old garage doors with a roller garage door. Why is that? Well, not only do they offer excellent value for money, but they also have a multitude of benefits over other garage door options, which make them a great choice for you and your garage.

    The benefits of having a roller garage door installed:

    • If you have a short driveway you are not alone. It is becoming increasingly common for properties to have shorter driveways in the UK, and this can often cause problems for owners in terms of manoeuvrability of your car and ease of opening the garage itself. With roller shutters they don’t swing out, making it the perfect solution to short driveways. You can park your car right up against the garage door and it will still operate easily and safely without you having to figure out how to open the garage door and manoeuvre your car into the space.
    • If you’re also using your garage to store items other than your car, or you’re utilising the space for a home office, gym or workshop, for example, you are aware that traditionally garages are not the warmest of places within any given house. With roller garage doors however you can choose from a wide range of insulation options that will help to create a warmer environment for you and your garage.
    • This kind of door also means that you can save on space within your garage because this design doesn’t take up as much room as any other given garage door might. For example up and over garage doors tend to take up a lot of ceiling space that could be utilised for something else.
    • A roller shutter garage door can be fitted into nearly every shape of garage opening either inside, in-between or in front of the aperture with no internal tracking, giving the door a neat, compact style operation. As there is no internal tracking mechanisms it takes up less space, and all the pitfalls that can occur when fitting other types of garage doors are removed with this kind of installation. Meaning that this type of garage door is easily installed and maintained.
    • Operating a roller garage door is very easy and safe because of its remote automation.

    All in all roller garage doors are a worthy upgrade to any garage and with a wealth of unique benefits they are a really great choice over any other garage door options out there on the market.

    If you’re looking for excellent value for money, expert advice and professional installation contact Garage Doors Newcastle for a free, no obligation consultation. You can secure your garage at the touch of a button with a roller garage door today.

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