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    It’s one of every man’s dreams isn’t it? To have their own space in their own home dedicated to being a man and doing man things. It might be a place to work out, to play games or simply to chill with your mates with a few beers whilst watching the football or playing FIFA. Whatever you’d like from your man cave, if you’ve got a garage then the dream needn’t be that far away. It’s easy these days to transform a garage into a man cave, so why not stop dreaming and start doing with our 5 steps to turn your garage into the ultimate man cave.

    Start with a blank canvas
    Whether you currently use your garage for storing your car or just general household storage, chances are there are going to be a whole host of items in there that you’re going to have to find a new home for. Don’t be tempted to keep part of the garage for storage, a good man cave is all or nothing, so get rid of EVERYTHING and start the construction of your man cave with a blank canvas.


    Get the paintbrush out
    Most garages aren’t naturally the most stylish places. Most aren’t decorated or painted in any way and those that are are done so for function rather than flair. Man caves however need that touch of male sophistication so think what colours you’d like and get painting. Add some posters and other wall adornments and you’re man cave will soon start looking the business.

    Consider your lighting options
    When your garage was just a garage, it was probably perfectly OK to use just one light. But if you’re going to be chilling out in there whether on your own or with your mates, you’re going to need some decent lighting. Whether you go for the industrial look or a more modern look is up to you and how you want your man cave to look.

    Get some flooring
    The standard concrete garage door is cold and unwelcoming which isn’t really becoming for your new man cave. There are various options, such as installing floorboards, carpets, a wooden floor and laminates or even just some simple rugs. As soon as you get some sort of floor covering down, your man cave will really start to take shape.

    Think about insulation and heating
    It’s all very well and good having a fabulously cool man cave, but it’s no good if you and your mates find it too cold to chill out in there. If you really want to make the most of your man cave, consider extending your central heating system in there. You should also consider any heat that is escaping from your garage door. If your door is more than a few years old, then you should check out the latest garage door technology. Our doors have a range of insulation options, ensuring that your garage, whatever you use it for is as energy efficient as possible and will keep you warm in your new man cave.


    Kit it out
    This bit is completely up to you and how you want your man cave to be. You might want gym equipment, comfortable sofas, a drum kit, retro arcade machines or simply a huge TV with a range of consoles. Whatever your choice, it’s YOUR space so it is up to YOU.

    Don’t forget about security
    Once you have kitted your man cave out, chances are you are going to have thousands of pounds worth of equipment in there. Ensure that your garage is wired up properly to your burglar alarm and if you’re relying on an old garage door to keep your good safe, it might be worth thinking about replacing it with a new one. Garage door security has come along a lot these days and whichever design of door you go for, you’ll sleep safer knowing man cave and its goods are safe and sound.

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