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    How old is your garage door? If it is about 10 years old or more, then it really is time to start considering replacing it. Chances are, it is getting well past its sell-by-date and if it doesn’t look a bit shabby already, that day will soon come. Although replacing your garage door may be well down on your ‘to-do’ list, take a look at our 5 reasons to replace your garage door. You’ll find that it might well not cost you anything at all effectively, because it can actually make you money..

    1. Improves the appearance of your home
    Depending upon the exact design of your house, if viewed from the front, your garage can take up to approximately 25% of the front aspect of your property. Whilst we’re all aware of how things like nice new windows, guttering or fascias can improve the appearance of any home, many people forget about their garage door. A brand new garage door can instantly improve the appearance of any house for a relatively small outlay. With a wide variety of options available to suit all kinds of homes, you may choose from an expansive range from simple metal up and over doors to highly crafted wooden garage doors. Whatever you choose, it’s going to significantly improve the appearance of your property.


    2. Add value to your home
    Of course, one of the main benefits of improving the appearance of your house with a new garage door is the fact that it will increase the value of your property. According to the Halifax, one of the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders, garages are one of only two home improvements (the other being central heating) that immediately add value to your home, with estimates of a 6% increase for a single garage and a 15% increase if it’s a double garage. That means garages are a serious asset and if you are looking to add value to your home, you should be maximising its appearance by ensuring it has the garage door it deserves.

    3. Save you money on heating
    We seem to have ever rising energy bills in the UK, which means that most of us are now doing what we can to save money and make our homes more efficient. Garages are one of the worst areas for heat loss in your home but one that many people fail to think about when making their home more efficient. If you’ve not changed your garage door for a while, there is a significant possibility that it’s letting a lot of heat escape from your home. All of our garage doors are built with energy efficiency and the environment in mind and are designed to retain warmth and protect against the elements. The money a new garage door can save you makes it a savvy investment for any homeowner.

    4. Make your home safer
    Garages can house thousands of pounds worth of goods and equipment. As well as your car, you may have work tools, office equipment, white goods or hobby equipment stored away in there. This makes garages very tempting for would-be intruders. Garage security has moved on significantly in the last few years, which means if your garage door is a number of years old, your car and other goods may not be as well protected as they should be.


    5. Less maintenance
    If you have an old garage door, whether wooden or metal, you’re probably used to having to keep it well maintained to ensure that it looks as well it can. This can be time consuming and expensive over the years. Thankfully, the new garage doors that we supply are very low maintenance, especially when you choose pre-finished colours. So say goodbye to spending hours scraping and painting and say hello to a maintenance schedule that consists only of an occasional and quick soap and water wash.

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